Pastors Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

   On behalf of Central Baptist Church of Bladensburg, Maryland, I greet you in the Name our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. We welcome you to the official Web page of Central Baptist Church of Bladensburg, Maryland, where our purpose is three - fold, in accordance with The Great Commission of our savior and Lord Jesus Christ(Mathew 28:18-20):

  • To Preach the Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ to in this Sin-Sick World, through which sinful man might attain to Salvation (Romans 10:8-10)
  • To Reach the Unsaved with the Gospel Message, thereby admonishing them to Believe in Jesus Christ for the Remission of Sin, Repent with the Whole Heart for their sins, and to be converted to a Life of Righteousness and True Holiness.
  • To Teach the Converted the Disciplined Life of Christ, thereby making Disciples for Jesus Christ, and Fishers of Men.

   I am both blessed and privileged that you have chosen to view our Web page, and cheerfully pray that you continue to "Grow in the Grace and In the Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (II Peter 3:18)…If you are new to the Bladensburg, Maryland area, and you are diligently seeking a church in which to worship and fellowship, I extend an invitation to you and your family to worship and fellowship with us. If you are a resident of Prince George's County, MD, and you have need of emergency clothing items or emergency food items, please do not hesitate to give us an opportunity to serve you.

   Also, Central Baptist Church of Bladensburg, Maryalnd has Sunday Morning Worship Services in Spanish and English, and we have been blessed to have serving with us Reverend Remberto Jurado, Pastor of Iglesia Centro Bautista de Bladensburg, and the esteemed Pastor Emeritus Jose Lazaro Canales and Mrs. Marta Canales, who serve as Ministry Coordinators.

   If you simply need someone to talk to, and no one seems to have an ear to listen, or a heart to care as you pass through stormy times in your life, please remember that Jesus sympathizes with you, and cares for you. He is touched with your concerns (Hebrews 4:15). And so are we!

   Prayerfully, as you view our Web page, and the services we have been blessed to be able to offer, you will not hesitate to call upon us… and may God bless you with all spiritual blessings, without measure!

Reverend Elgie A. Labbe', Jr., Senior Pastor
Central Baptist Church Of Bladensburg, Maryland